Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2nd - 10:30pm

The rain arrived during the night and dashed any plans of doing an open house at the farm. The ring returned to its state as "Lake Rancho Pampa" and we spent the day doing inside jobs. All the horses went to the walker, got their noses trimmed and were cleaned up. Manes were braided over, bridles changed around, tails were rebraided and stall doors relabled to round off the newest change up of stalls. Maybe I'll figure out where everyone lives by the time I leave. Maybe. And that was just the morning.
The afternoon was more cleaning, organizing and painting. In 10 days a new family will be moving into my house which means the loft must be finished within nine days. In 11 days the new working student will be here so the loft has to be set up as well. Lots of painting, cleaning and fixing has gone into that project and I'm hoping it wraps up nicely this next week.
After work I took got my stuff togethe and headed for another night in town. Waited for the bus to Palermo for an hour before giving up and getting on the bus to Once. Had no idea where I was going but told the driver I just needed to be near 9 de Julio. Ended up in a huge plaza where two subway lines meet. Too bad the blue line going directly to 9 de Julio was closed. So ended up taking the yellow line toward Cordoba and switching to the red line to the Obelisco. Figuring out the public transportation in this city is always a bit of an adventure but I'm figuring it out pretty well.
Once at the Obelisco I headed to the hostel to put my stuff down and got the pleasant suprise of a free upgrade. Last time I split a 4 person room with two other girls. Small and with bunk beds. This time I ended up in a private room with a double bed. Awesome because it's a private room with a double bed. Not so awesome because its easier to get to know people that you're staying with. Even if it is just for a night. Ran into one of the girls I stayed with last time and we ended up gathering some of her friends together and walking down to Flordia to check out Fusion. Fusion is a small club/bar that is available to people staying at one of the three hostels only. So lots of people there hanging out and meeting new people. Talked to some great people from all over the world before headed back with Cris and friends to the hostel. Definitely going to have to check that place out in more detail in the future! Also got the names of four places to try tango dancing in the city! All are more open to novices and three are very close to the hostel. Super excited to head to one those soon!

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